Data Services

Data drives innovative change

Transport data is collected as part of most of our projects and is used to make informed decisions throughout the project life cycle.

ITS has completed thousands of vehicle and pedestrian traffic counts across South Africa. We collect data in the field as well as through remote sensing, with the use of cameras, drones, detection devices and other technology.

Innovative Transport Solutions and Tracker have a working relationship dating back to 2007. We conduct spatial and engineering analysis with probe data available from Tracker’s footprint of over 1 million clients in South Africa.

As a transport engineering company, the appropriate use of GIS capabilities and services has been firmly established and is used daily to assist in all aspects of transport engineering decision making. Our data scientists apply our spatial analyses expertise in core areas such as road safety, incident analyses, crash density analyses, transport planning and transport development indices.

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Our Data Collection and Analysis Services include:

  • Incident analysis
  • Incident type/location maps
  • Crash hotspot maps
  • Speeding maps
  • Correlation between crash hotspots and access spacing
  • Overtaking conditions
  • Transport Planning
    • Population and employment
    • Population density of income groups
    • Route verification

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