The City of Cape Town decided to increase the capacity of the road between Tienie Meyer Link Road and the R300 Northbound Off-ramp.
National Department of Transport and SANRAL are the custodians of the Road Incident Management System as a strategy/instrument to lower the death rate on South African roads.
ITS was appointed by the V&A Waterfront to upgrade the traffic signal along Dock Road and to improve the non-motorised transport infrastructure.
In collaboration with Atterbury Group property developers, ITS was involved in the development of King Air Industria.
ITS is the leading team of transport planners and engineers that is undertaking the review and update of the City of CT’s Integrated Public Transport Plan.
The City of Cape Town commissioned Innovative Transport Solutions to update the city’s EMME Strategic Transport Planning Model as part of a multi-disciplinary team.
ITS developed Cape Town’s Transport Development Index, which is the baseline for understanding transport in CT as it relates to user groups across different income brackets.
In collaboration with the City of Cape Town, Innovative Transport Solutions developed a congestion management strategy for Cape Town.
The National Parks of Tanzania are well known as some of the world’s most exquisite tourist travel destinations.