Our Story

ITS was founded in 1997, we provide specialised services in transportation engineering, road design and construction management. We have been serving public and private clients from our offices in Tshwane and Cape Town, and conducted transportation projects in all the major cities in South Africa. We have also serviced other African countries, including Namibia, Botswana, Nigeria, Mozambique and Tanzania.

Our services cover a wide spectrum of transportation engineering, road planning and design, intelligent transportation systems, traffic impact assessments, traffic signal design, road safety, as well as public transport planning.

ITS has a team of 70 people led by our Board of Directors. The Directors are; Jan Coetzee Pr Eng. (Managing Director)

Pieter Pretorius Pr Eng. PhD, Lynne Pretorius Pr Eng, Christoff Krogscheepers Pr Eng. PhD and Olga Ribeiro.

We pride ourselves in the partnerships we have forged with IVAS Consulting Engineers in Germany, Kittleson & Associates in the USA. Our team is augmented with international expertise in transportation, ensuring that we stay well-informed with international developments and best practices in this specialised field.

From Ideas to
Concepts to Reality

Innovation, new ideas, new technology and the integration thereof in the transport environment is our speciality. Innovative ideas can be in the smallest change to a traffic signal, a new management concept for Bus Rapid Transit systems or a roundabout design.

Simplicity of design is often where the real innovation lies.

Taking ideas from our clients, integrating stakeholder inputs, using standards and other considerations in developing innovative, working solutions is our passion.