Intelligent Transport Systems

The broad definition of ITS includes numerous applications, inter alia, Advanced Traffic Signal Systems, Freeway Management Systems, Incident Management Systems, Traveller Information Systems and Bus Rapid Transit systems.

ITS has been involved in the planning, design, implementation and operation of numerous Intelligent Transport Systems since 2002. We have extensive experience in various Intelligent Transport projects with a deep understanding of the technologies, underpinned by our knowledge of local conditions and desired operational Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

Our key focus areas are:

  • Surveillance and CCTV systems
  • Traffic Detection
  • Ramp Metering
  • Communication Networks
  • Traffic Signals – Area traffic Control (including Urban Traffic Control)
  • Power and Communication Solutions for remote Traffic Monitoring Sites
  • Traffic Management Centres
  • Operations & Maintenance
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Road Planning
and Implementation

Transport is the key focus area of Innovative Transport Solutions, with the objective to manage the complete project cycle, from initial concepts, followed by engineering designs and then the implementation.

We incorporate different viewpoints to determine future demand
through appropriate analysis.