Transport Planning

Planning that will move you.

Transport planning is one of the initial steps to improve accessibility for all and enable people to have opportunities. We have a strong team of transport planners who undertake complex transport planning studies to inform decision makers of possible future scenarios. We serve on various research boards and advise on policy and strategy development.

Road Design and Safety

Tomorrow starts with today’s design.

Our services include the determination and design of intersection controls, traffic calming, pedestrian and bicycle facilities as well as public transport services and infrastructure. We manage construction procurement processes and contracts. Another field of expertise is road safety, including audits and assessments, traffic safety education and awareness.

Transport Engineering

Ensuring exceptional operations

Transport Engineering can be seen as the foundation of many transport projects and is a central field of expertise in our business. We have specialised teams of highly qualified transport engineers that work closely with our clients and partners to provide solutions to complex engineering problems.

Intelligent Transport Systems

IT’S all about solutions.

Innovative Transport Solutions has been involved in the planning, design, implementation, and operation of numerous intelligent transport systems. Our team have extensive experience in various intelligent transport projects with a deep understanding of the technologies, underpinned by our knowledge of local conditions and desired operational key performance indicators (KPI’s).

Data Sciences

Data drives innovative change

Over the past 23 years, ITS has completed thousands of vehicle and pedestrian traffic counts across South Africa. We collect data in the field as well as through remote sensing, with the use of cameras, drones, detection devices and other technology.